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I talked about it more in depth here. Food somehow is used to full the empty void inside. They hate people who are unsympathetic and indifferent. Gemini moons are very complex, where nobody really realize how comxplex their feelings and minds are. When Libra moons are feeling down, they sit alone with a blank face and an empty head for a long period of time. Somehow Taurus moons are able to keep a good weight. Capricorn moon people have sometimes unrealistic expectations of themselves.

Aries moon people reactions are very dependent on their surroundings. If Sagittarius moons hate something, it would be people that get in their business and act all superior. So, If you have moon falls in your 7th house, the Venus rules the 7th house and Libra, then Libra moon apply to you. Also check the ruler of the planets aspecting your moon, for example; neptune aspecting your moon, neptune rules Pisces, Pisces moon apply to you and so on. Originally posted by jo-wilson.

Fixed signs - usually prefer to stay deeply intimate following sex.

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Maintaining a close and sort of in your face sort of intimacy is usually how they are following the act. Originally posted by shashabusiness. Caridnal signs - usually prefer to achieve some distance following sex.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

They could follow up with a few intimate kisses and rubs before they seperate themselves. Might need some space following climax or start exhibiting a sort of flighty nature especially if the DC or sign on the DC is receiving harsh aspects to its ruler.

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In some cases may feel uncomfortable with too much physical intimacy following climax and may need to adjust. Originally posted by backwardabyss. Mutuble signs - can become very drained or tired following climax or sex because of how much of themselves they give all in one setting. Originally posted by lezcouples. Fire signs: a tendency to need a bit playfulness and laughter following sex is normally present!

They might try to deepen the intimacy following the act with some roughhousing or teasing and even just having a smiley and bubbly energy following sex. Originally posted by sensualkisses. Water signs: a tendency to need a bit of bonding and heart to heart may follow sex! They like to build the bond and may do so by letting some emotions loose or even to some extent cuddling or taking a more protective stance towards their partner.

Originally posted by kalawolfang. The laundry, the plans for the next day, even just suddenly becoming investigators. For them anything is the topic of discussion and sex inspires them to open up the cookiest parts of their minds. Originally posted by lovershub. Earth signs: a tendency to become sensual and tender following sex is apparent.

Running fingers across your body or even just running their fingers through your hair is often how they show intimacy after sex. In some cases they can become rather laid back and even a bit more childlike once sex loosens their more straight faced persona. Posts Likes Archive. Sun in the 7th usually feel like they are only defined through their relationships not just romantic and they can sometimes feel lost on their own but they are incredibly caring and are great at mediating, they just need some time to establish their independence.

Sun in the 6th usually feel that it is their purpose to serve others and that their self worth depends on how hard they work, this put immense strain on them but they are very diligent people who find joy in helping others, they just need to put some time aside for themselves. Moon in Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces Moon in Gemini find it hard to actually face their own emotions, never mind show anyone else.

They can be very refreshing people to be around but they need to stop thinking and just feel.

Moon in Aquarius over analyse everything and think they must come up with a scientific explanation for what they feel. The Saturn element of this sign restricts emotion and the need to feel, this person might feel that expressing themselves is a sign of weakness.


On the Uranian side, this person usually has very strong and chaotic emotions bubbling beneath the stern exterior of Saturn. Moon in Pisces are incredibly intuitive people but they are often very sensitive and this brings them a lot of emotional distress. This placement tends to take things to heart even if they know there was no harm intended. These people are very prone to escapism which makes reality and tough situations hard to deal with. These people may feel invisible or unheard. They also may have a very muddled state of mind.

However, they are very dreamy and almost have an ethereal vibe about them. Mercury in Scorpio finds it hard to connect with people or make small talk. They enjoy talking about things considered taboo and are not afraid to do so, however it is hard to find people that will feel comfortable with such. Their mind may be a dark place at times but this only makes them more empathetic and capable of looking after others.

Mercury in Pisces creates the same kind of affect at the 12th House Mercury. Not many people may take them seriously and they may feel taken for granted a lot. Their opinions are rarely listened to and they need to fight in order for people to really listen to what they have to say. However they are incredibly understanding and kind, they will always try to help those in need. They may find it hard to express romantic feelings which may be taken the wrong way. These people make loving partners once you break through their shell, they are intellectual beings and will always keep things interesting.

Venus in Scorpio gets quite jealous quickly which can be detrimental to them, their partner and the relationship in general. They can be quite intense and may come on too strong to quickly. They can make dedicated and loyal lovers who love others very deeply. Venus in Cancer may become too dependent on their partner.

They are naturally insecure and clingy, depending on the partner this can be a problem. They may rely too much on their partners opinion which may become a toxic situation. These people can make their partners feel at home just with a look and are very protective of those they love. Mars in the 7th, Cancer, Libra Mars in the 7th creates a lot of potential tension with personal relationships. This person may find conflict within romantic relationships, or may even feel like they need it.

Because this is the house of relationships and open enemies, it is not uncommon for someone with Mars in the 7th to have a fair few enemies. These are the people that will fight for love and fairness. They are protective and will fight anyone upsetting the people they love. Mars in Cancer finds it hard to be assertive with their temper so they resort to passive aggression. These people may become manipulative when hurt or unhappy and may be unable to communicate this productively.

These are also the people who are incredibly protective of their loved ones. Mars in Libra is a very tricky placement as Libra is the sign of justice and peace, they do not like conflict. Mars in Libra may find it hard to fight for what they want as they mainly like to keep others happy and prevent fights before they start. These people are good at resolving fights and taking the high road when making decisions. Saturn in 1st, 3rd, 6th Having Saturn in the 1st house makes a person quite self-conscious.

They find it very hard to be comfortable with themselves and can come across very serious or strict. They usually have had a lot of responsibility thrown on them at a very young age and need to learn how to move on from it. These people mature very quickly, choose their battles well and make sure everything is working how it should. Saturn in the 3rd makes a person find it very hard to communicate. They may have some learning difficulty that restricts this communication and may cause a lot of conflict as a result of bad communication.

These people are usually very creative and may find that they communicate better through creative means. Saturn in the 6th may indicate a lot of health problems or even the likes of hypochondria. They work incredibly hard to make sure everything is how it should be and health is usually a big thing for them. Sun vs.

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Moon vs. Attraction Attracted to men? Use Mars. The Houses and Relationships - 6th House. Moon in Cancer Lost to the past! Moon in Scorpio Cloak of invisibility!

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  • Moon in Pisces Blinded by it all! Mercury is not the only planet that turns retrograde each year; all of the other planets have retrograde periods as well. Mercury retrograde periods tend to be more well-known though, partially because they occur more frequently.

    From an astronomical standpoint the retrograde period is an apparent phenomenon that only occurs from our vantage point on Earth, as a side-effect of the different relative speeds of the planets as they orbit around the Sun. That is to say, Mercury only appears to slow down and start moving backwards in the zodiac from our perspective here on Earth, but in fact both Mercury and the Earth are still moving forward in their orbits around the Sun.

    A common analogy that is used is to conceptualize this is to imagine what happens when you are in a car that is driving down a road, and then you pass another car that is going in the same direction but at a slower speed. From your perspective inside the faster moving car it may appear that the slower moving car has started moving backward as you pass it, but in fact it is still moving forward.

    Mercury retrograde periods function in a similar way.