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Forgot Password? Forgot Username? If an Aquarius man is in your life, it is very important for you to know whether he is compatible with you or not. After all it is a matter of your whole life. So you're interested to completely know about your Aquarius man.

Aquarius Horoscope 12222: The Year To Take Control Of Your Life

When you read this article you'll certainly get the sound information about an Aquarius man-his nature, qualities, behavior and much more. What you normally want in your partner is his sense of humor, honesty, level of responsibility and his fair behavior. After satisfaction that your man own all these qualities you say 'yes' for your relationship. But it may take time. You really can't analyze all needed attributes in your perspective man at very first meeting.

So the easiest way of knowing about your perspective man is the knowledge about his zodiac sign. Now you're sure your partner is Aquarius. Then read what basic qualities he possesses. First of all, an Aquarius man is full of high imaginings. He is a man of character. He can impress anyone in just a first meeting.

Aquarius Man- Characteristics- Astrology And Horoscope कुम्भ राशि के पुरुषो,लड़को का

He lives his life in his own philosophy. His only focus is success in life. He always wants to achieve great heights..

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You will see him contending in competitions. He likes challenges and efforts best to show his efficiency. He is also a little dedicated to social work. You can find him voluntarily work for noble cause of N.

He thinks logically. You can never tell him to compromise his freedom which he loves a lot. To be in his heart always you always need to give him space or allow him to enjoy his freedom. But, of course, no partner can bear boundless or unlimited misuse of freedom. So you can convince your partner by telling politely that you have no problem for his independence but want only security and commitment.

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Are you speaking your partners love language? Are your actions hurting or helping your relationship? On the 26th, Mercury moves into Scorpio and at work, you will be rewarded for your endeavours. Venus in Libra suggests growth and development, especially in love. The best astrologers in India can give your journey a direction, consult them on Astroyogi! Aquarius weekly horoscope - 7 Oct , Monday - 13 Oct , Sunday.

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Aquarius daily horoscope - 9 October Read More. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Cancerian woman is not only lovable, adorable but also intelligent and adaptable. So, she can attract an Aquarius man so easy to fall in love with her. While Cancerian woman looks for a soul mate to take care of her emotion and fulfill romantic needs in a mannish and secured way, Aquarius man looks for someone who can understand his emotional needs without saying too much.

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This duo is just perfect for each other to complement their virtues and qualities. Hence, from bed to love they can make each other happy and satisfied without any compromise.

Reasons Why Aquarius Man Cannot Resist the Call of Love from a Cancer Woman

Aquarian man gets attracted with the caring nature Cancer woman and Cancer woman gets hinged with the physic and mannish attitude of Aquarian man. She needs security and he needs care. They can complement each other with their strengths and get all pleasures of life. Aquarius man does not resist limitation. He is a free bird and loves his freedom at any cost.

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Whereas, Cancer woman is a homebody and loves to stay at home with his family and loved ones. Therefore, if a cancer woman creates a bond with an Aquarius man, she needs to give him space and freedom. It will benefit their relationship and Aquarius man feels more attracted to her for the qualities she preserves within.

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He will get back to her every time she needs and give the hundred percent to her. Aquarius and Cancer make the strongest bond in the world with a few equations and understanding that you find among other couples hardly. Passion for love, unlimited love, motherly nature, caring attitude, level of understanding — these are all the qualities that drawn an Aquarius man towards Cancer woman, and it is beyond doubt priceless.