Cosmopolitan snapchat horoscope february 26

Spoiler alert: this week is not one of them.

Daily Horoscope: February 23rd to February 25th

Make the acts of Truth-seeking and Truth-telling your bottom line. Your emotions could be triggered by plenty this week, so stay alert. Investigate your feelings and try not to avoid them. On Sunday, Mercury enters your sector of compromise and harmony. Strive for a win-win or no-deal situation in as many circumstances as you can.

Your Horoscope for the Week of February 26

Sunday begins a story of strategic self-improvement. Sanitize your health, emotions, health, diet, and schedule. It'll do you so, so good. You traveled and adventured, Capricorn. Now you want to stay put for a bit and firmly plant your roots. Secure what you need to feel stable in all personal matters.

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You also have a creative project that needs to be shared. A secure foundation will help prepare you for it! The Moon shines from the Water Bearer constellation until Weds. Pursue your joy, speak on it, and cherish it. If that means getting a haircut, get a haircut.

If it means buying new shoes, buy new shoes. You deserve your joy, so sashay right in to it! Sunday starts a new way of thinking about home, emotional security, and family. Dispel the mythology that Aquarius is detached and cold.

'Scope your life.

You may get snagged by the Monday blues, Pisces. Subconscious sensitivities could come up for you.

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