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It may be the greatest gift you can offer. Chitti I'm a Libra women and in love with Sagittarius man but he is not loving me and just want have relationship. What do u think?? Relationship can make him change to love me? Sandy If a sagit does not love you, let it go as they can't be easily swayed in that direction. If he does not love you he won't, alas.

Ferum 30 yr old Sagittarius male here. I have been in a nasty financial slump for the past 10 years while I have watched my personality and ambition flourish. I have come to an understanding of who I am, what I want, and what I have to offer others in my sphere of influence.

I have fallen in love with living for the first time since I was a child and will not settle for less than I am worth in any regard to my life and career.

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I am met with constant opposition in regards to wealth and material gain, but I do not feel discouraged as much as overwhelmed. The world is in bloom and it excites my mind and heart. Diamond 50ish Sag woman here. I too have experienced many problems with my finances and my career opportunities for the past 10 years.

I keep working for a-holes. I just want to be happy and appreciated where I work.

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I also want to be paid fairly by my next employer due to my 30 plus years of experience in my profession. Let's hope so. I'm ready for a bunch of good luck to enter my life. Becky Me too Diamond!! I have been working since I'm 14 years old Thandie Sag men are very manipulative, they like to explore, my advise would be for you to move on and don't look back because a tiger doesn't change its spots. Dieu-Merci I'm a sag man and was in a very very serious relationship with a leo woman, the only woman who I can really say that I love.

We started back in and after some trouble between us she left me last year and we have a child together. Giving up on her does not appeal to me at all I really don't know what to do anymore Tani True.

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Like what the heck, everything he is doing with her - I wanted. Not openly sharing I know that I so do. She is in for a rude awakening - don't get it or understand this particular SAG. Will he actually follow through with this engagement? I came home to him gone keys on table blocked on fb eveuntually number changed I couldnt believe it smfh our last conversation was a kiss and see u later Eurosag Sorry to hear your story, but indeed us sags arent a match for cancer.

As long as we fully acknowledge this we can happily live besides each other ;-. A F Sag Hi.. I'm a sag. Been in love for several years with someone who at first couldn't really believe that I would ever love him the way he loved me Look now,what happened? Am terribly,deeply in love, but he left me just when I needed him most Her mom a pisces took my bail and i had to live with her family.

I was stuck inbetween not wanting to piss her family off and also being me.

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I lost all confidence in myself, wasn't as active and even more reluctant to take the relationship serious as she took advantage of my bail restrictions by cheating on me with a friend. I'm in the probationary period of the first job i've been able to get ever since I fell and I still don't have confidence, I'm gonna have the job, i've become very emotional and i'm completely lost on what to do as I know i don't want this relationship but i want to be there for my little girl who i can barely afford to buy anything for as I'm low paid.

Has anyone here had any similar bad luck in past few years. Any sort of advice would be appreciated. Heln [quote]Message from kamal I'm a 26 year old sag now. Eric nightwalker Well sorry bro. Like happy and joan said, your life is not over.

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You must understand the planet Saturn has been in chart all this years teaching you how to live life to the fullest. Don't loose hope this year ending,Saturn will leave your chart with big surprise. But something you must understand is as Sags we need to love to be independent. Set goal and go for it. Listen and read motivational messages every morning. You have made it before, you know how to make it again, learn from what you did wrong and make it right. Joanna I'm praying for you friend. Stay strong They say when you have a hard life, God is preparing you for something.

Taylor Leave her bro I was with a Capricorn for 8 years and I felt guilty to leave. Worst mistake ever finally I can do me. I've just done that and the feeling couldn't be better. I was busy building my career for her future, she needed space and when I gave her a bit, she started a platonic relation with him and now dating since a last few months.

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She always lied to me. Tormented me mentally by blocking my fb, whatsapp, phone, email Recovering from the silent treatment and trauma. Other girls approached me to but can not trust others now, not in mood. Is anybody else going through the same? Running on the same matter as u. Right now you can afford to take risks, to go all in, to play with fate. Of course, such behavior does not come naturally to Pisces, but sometimes you need to deviate from the rules and go against your own customs.

But there is a flip side - a little bit of rebellion will help you to renounce old stereotypes, to take a fresh look at the reality around you. Act sensibly, especially if you get tied up in some risky venture, it's not advisable to switch off your head entirely, not even now. With respect to personal relationships, February could be a particularly interesting time for Pisces. It can't be said that anything truly crazy is going to take place now, but there will be more than enough spicy moments. For married Pisces, this will be a calm and tranquil period, when nobody will cause you anxiety, prove anything to you, or try to provoke you.

The important thing is to react to all of this in good time. Don't wait, prove yourself, because Venus is on your side, and this means that nothing good will come of "keeping it all inside". Single Pisces are also advised to be as open as possible, especially with people who are good to you.

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On the other hand, even in such a positive situation, unpleasant surprises are possible. This means that you mustn't lose attentiveness at moments which usually cause tension, even though now it will seem like developments are exclusively positive. But even today, if we are alone in the country they attract our attention, and they still excite wonder and a kind of distant affection. Planets and Your Personality. How is it calculated? Your Horoscope is an Astrological map of the heavens keyed to the time and place of a specific birth.

Each sign has special characteristics that mark and distinguish it from others. Astrology and Planets in your Horoscope Astrology is a doctrine about the influence of both stars and planets on the character and destiny of man, how compatible we are with other Zodiac signs, and why we behave the way we do within a relationship.

Doctrine about Influence of Stars and Planets. Horoscopes Daily with GotoHoroscope. Daily Horoscope for your Zodiac sign Today Horoscope no longer plays the same role as it used to be. Remember the Gaius Julius Caesar's historical expression "it is warned - it means armed"! Here you also can find the Daily Horoscope for 12 Zodiac signs, which could be used as a "First Aid Kit" to improve your daily routines and therefore make your life a little bit easier. Do not discourage yourself. In any case, participation is already a victory over yourself and over the circumstances.

Close people will support you, so the team of avid supporters is guaranteed to be there. Try to leave the vacation for the second part of the year, and try to spend time outdoors in natural settings. Not only the seaside or mountains will be suitable for that purpose, but the countryside will do just fine too. Even in the winter. Keep in mind, happiness is waiting for you in at every step. The main thing is not to miss it.

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